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Sustainability for UK Hotels: A Guide for Owners and Managers

Published by: Pete Stevens

Embracing sustainability is not just a trend, but a business imperative – guests are searching for and seeking out hotels that take sustainability seriously. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how you can deliver sustainable practices into your hotel’s operations across five critical dimensions.

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Navigating the Future of Search: Clockwork Marketing's Insights on Google's SGE Revolution in Hospitality

Published by: Ian Kelly

In our ever-evolving digital landscape, propelled by the unleashed power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), understanding search engine intricacies is pivotal for digital success - especially in the competitive hospitality sector.

Chris Hines speaking at Tourism Summit

The Tourism Summit Announces 2023 Speakers

Published by: Clockwork Marketing

“Tourism for Good” conference runs for a second year on Wednesday 22 November at Winslade Park, Exeter

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An Essential Glossary of Terms for Google Analytics GA4 for Hospitality

Published by: Clockwork Marketing

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is the new version of Google’s website measurement and tracking tool. With it comes a few new features and metrics, but what do they mean? This quick reference guide is perfect to understand terms used when analysing your reports.


Google Analytics 4 (GA4) for Hotels

Published by: Jack Price

Your hotel data is crucial to running a successful business. Google Analytics can provide insights into what marketing is working best, how your website is performing and to track your direct bookings. As specialists in using Google Analytics for hospitality, Clockwork is helping their clients with the transition to the new version.


Google Analytics 4 (GA4) vs Universal Analytics (UA) for Hotels

Published by: Jack Price

The recent release of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has brought about many changes and new features for businesses to utilise in tracking and analysing their marketing activity. For independent hotels in the UK, GA4 offers new opportunities to gain insights into their marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions.

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How to smash SEO for Hotels: 4 Bulletproof tips for Beginners

Published by: Dom Hine

Let's face it, SEO for Hotels can feel like a very complicated puzzle piece to a very important picture. Especially if you're down on the ground, face to face with customers, ensuring they have the best possible experience. The additional time needed to get things happening in the digital realm can make things feel overwhelming. And yet, SEO for Hotels is absolutely fundamental. We can’t brush over it.

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Wedding marketing in 2022 and beyond

Published by: Clara Bass

Whilst many couples who had their wedding postponed due to the pandemic in 2020 have since tied the knot, we are still expecting to see a boom of nuptials in 2022. Restrictions were only fully lifted on the day dubbed ‘Freedom Day’ - 19th July 2021 - with an estimated 50,000 weddings planned for this first month of restriction-free life.


Why hotels and hospitality should market an alternative Black Friday

Published by: Belinda Dixon

With increasing awareness around consumerism and its environmental impact, growing numbers of businesses are rebelling against heavily discounted holiday, Black Friday. In fact some businesses have taken an alternative approach to Black Friday. 


Clockwork Marketing launching GuestNet at the Independent Hotel Show 2021

Clockwork will be at the Independent Hotel Show, Olympia, London on the 4th & 5th October, stand 1352 where we are excited to soft launch GuestNet.