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Tomorrow's Travellers: Hospitality Trends for 2042

Published by: Clockwork Marketing

In July 2022 Clockwork Marketing celebrate 30 years as hospitality insiders and launch a new report on the future of hospitality - Tomorrow's Travellers: Hospitality Trends for 2042. Clockwork Marketing commissioned the "Tomorrow's Travellers" report with futurist, Will Higham, exploring what hospitality will look like over the next decades and how the hospitality sector will need to adapt to new guests' needs and wants.

The Hospitality SEO Checklist

Download The Hospitality SEO Checklist by Clockwork Marketing

Published by: Clockwork Marketing

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) never sleeps. Keeping on top of your SEO can seem daunting, but there's good news! Our SEO checklist covers the groundwork so you can manage and optimise your hospitality website for Google search. 

Awesome masterclasses

Best Loved has joined up with Clockwork Marketing

Published by: Pete Stevens

An awesome series of marketing masterclasses are a click away.

April - Boosting Instagram for hotels - social media for hospitality

May - Getting found in Google for hotels – search engine optimisation for hospitality

June - The importance of a great hotel brand and how you get one - brand strategy for hospitality

July - Boosting direct bookings: The customer journey - Direct marketing strategies for hospitality

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How to smash SEO for Hotels: 4 Bulletproof tips for Beginners

Published by: Dom Hine

Let's face it, SEO for Hotels can feel like a very complicated puzzle piece to a very important picture. Especially if you're down on the ground, face to face with customers, ensuring they have the best possible experience. The additional time needed to get things happening in the digital realm can make things feel overwhelming. And yet, SEO for Hotels is absolutely fundamental. We can’t brush over it.

Wedding couple view

Wedding marketing in 2022 and beyond

Published by: Clara Bass

Whilst many couples who had their wedding postponed due to the pandemic in 2020 have since tied the knot, we are still expecting to see a boom of nuptials in 2022. Restrictions were only fully lifted on the day dubbed ‘Freedom Day’ - 19th July 2021 - with an estimated 50,000 weddings planned for this first month of restriction-free life.

Wedding Trends 2022 report

Download Wedding Trends 2022

Published by: Pete Stevens

Keep abrest of the latest Wedding Trends for 2022 and 2023, to help you target and book more couples into your property.

Weddings have undergone a seismic change in the last century, only accelerated by the recent coronavirus pandemic.

Hotel trends

Download Hotel Trends 2022-23

Published by: Pete Stevens

Seven Top Hotel Marketing Trends for 2022

With spending on UK hotels not expected to return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2022, getting ahead of emerging trends and tailoring your marketing to meet them have never been more important. So we’ve pulled together five of the big industry influencers - from worcations and sustainable travel to fast-loading mobile-first websites, these are the need-to-know top hotel trends marketing trends of 2022.

Social Media Calendar 2022

Download Social Media Calendar 2022

Published by: Pete Stevens

Keep up-to-date with the best hospitality social media dates throughout the year. Including

  • National Cheese Day
  • Fairtrade Fortnight
  • National Apple Month



Why hotels and hospitality should market an alternative Black Friday

Published by: Belinda Dixon

With increasing awareness around consumerism and its environmental impact, growing numbers of businesses are rebelling against heavily discounted holiday, Black Friday. In fact some businesses have taken an alternative approach to Black Friday.