About us

Being an independent marketing agency doesn’t stop us getting around.

We work with well-known hospitality businesses, from prestigious boutique hotels, to national chains, and everything in between. We also proudly partner with local tourism bodies, media and events organisations, and the best booking engine suppliers.

Whatever the size and scope of your hospitality business—we know how to help you thrive.

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Expect to feel important at Clockwork

Because you are. We don’t hide management in meetings or leave you with someone you’ve never met once the ball is rolling. We introduce everyone working on your account from the get-go, and they will always be available to you. It’s disheartening to call up an agency only to hear another new voice. Nothing is lost in translation with Clockwork.

It’s a genuine team effort

We work collaboratively, bringing distinct skills from across our agency, paving the future of your brand and business.

Sometimes our revenue manager gets involved, analysing your revenue data and developing a pricing strategy. Other times a designer and marketing consultant may be required to shape your brand, or a data analyst to set up conversion tracking correctly.

You’ll have a single account manager as a key point of contact, but also a strong and familiar wider marketing team.

Hospitality in a changing world

The values of society are changing.

People are concerned about the welfare of our planet in a way unseen before. Environmentalism and ethical consumption are playing a big part in their lives. However, our industry has a large carbon footprint and social media aestheticism is causing overtourism in flagship cities and beauty spots around the globe.

As we move into a new era, we must begin to think of hospitality differently, luxury and price alone will not entice tomorrow’s guests. They will expect a reciprocation of their green values and will hold businesses to high moral standards. Tourism will need to evolve too.

Pioneering approach

Bringing money into an economy won’t be enough—it will have to be environmentally sustainable, or ideally beneficial.

Whilst none of us can act directly on global issues, we can act locally and make sure we continue to change with the times. We’ve taken a step by supporting the Devon Wildlife Trust, helping to preserve the wildlife and nature in one of the UK’s most visited regions. This is a small move, but we are also looking beyond this to the future of our sector.

We want to support regenerative tourism projects enhancing communities and ecological health and encourage others to do the same.

We believe this pioneering approach is essential for the longevity of the hospitality industry and the greater good of our planet. The new paradigm is about giving, not taking.