Why hotels and hospitality should market an alternative Black Friday

All over Britain buyers are braced for big discounts on Black Friday. November 26th 2021 will doubtless see prices plummet on whole warehouses worth of TVs, tablets and phones. 

But despite the hype – and in fact because of it – Black Friday is actually a prime time for hospitality businesses to rise above those discounting disposable consumer items. 

What better way to cut through the empty chatter than to offer experiences that speak of love, that endure and feel very real.

Experiences not 'things'

Increasingly people are uncomfortable with consumerism and its environmental impact. Ethics matter more. In fact some businesses have taken an alternative approach to Black Friday – promoting a ‘get out in nature’-themed, or eco-friendly, Green Friday instead. 

And hospitality businesses are perfectly positioned to offer an alternative message this Black Friday. Because they’re all about providing relaxing spaces away from online noise. Because they offer experiences not ‘things’.

Memories matter

Tech firms may provide big-bucks Black Friday savings on the latest smartphone, but it’s worth considering why people want them in the first place. Isn’t it to keep in touch with friends and loved ones? To take photos of the family? To plan, capture and communicate events? And it’s events that really make memories – the ones your hospitality trade can provide – that matter most. 

Still, aren’t those on-line deals tempting? For some, fleetingly yes, of course. But ask yourself, in years to come what will matter most – the discounted phone that took the photograph, or the rich memory it conveys? Which is why an alternative approach to Black Friday meshes so well with hospitality marketing.

One purchase verses many

Realistically you’re only likely to buy one of each of the traditional Black Friday products with any kind of frequency – who updates their TV, tablet, gaming consoles and smart devices every year?

But people can – and people do – buy any number of experiences. The options they offer are endless. That romantic dinner for two. The spa break with friends. A classy cream tea for grandma. The marvellous, memorable weekend the whole family came together to enjoy a fabulous time. You can’t beat those experiences. So people buy – and look forward to – more than one.

Marketing an alternative Black Friday

So successful alternative Black Friday marketing is all about helping people see just how much the experience you provide can mean to a customer. Conveying just how much it’ll be valued by the person they love. Communicating how happy both the person who buys a gift voucher, and the recipient will be. 

And that’s where the skilled marketing team at Clockwork can help. We have a wealth of experience in the art and the science of hotel and hospitality marketing. Websites, copywriting, branding, design, consultancy, training, support and - crucially – selling gift vouchers.

Black Friday Marketing Packages

Keep cash flowing with Gift Voucher Brilliance

Black Friday is second only to the run up to Christmas as the busiest time to sell gift voucher experiences. And selling gift vouchers is the simplest year-round way to increase sales and drive revenue up. 

In fact, £13.4 million worth of gift vouchers have been sold through Clockwork’s Gift Voucher Brilliance. That averages £40,000 of vouchers sold per customer, per year. 

Gift Voucher Brilliance can help you maximise your alternative Black Friday potential. The service seamlessly integrates with your website, receiving customers orders. We then guarantee gift voucher dispatch, and deliver training, management and support.

Sell Gift Voucher Experiences

Let Clockwork drive your Black Friday marketing

Ultimately an alternative Black Friday strategy makes enormous sense for hotel and hospitality businesses. You strive to create superb events. You deliver fabulous occasions that people will remember for decades. You exist to help people spend quality time with the ones they love. You are absolutely all about experiences not things. 

Contact Clockwork Marketing to see how we can make this Black Friday work best for you.