The recent release of Google Analytics 4 (GA4) has brought about many changes and new features for businesses to utilise in tracking and analysing their marketing activity. For independent hotels in the UK, GA4 offers new opportunities to gain insights into their marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions.

Benefits of GA4 for hotels

One major benefit of GA4 for independent hotels is the ability to track and understand customer behaviour across multiple devices. With the rise of online bookings and mobile usage, it's important for hotels to have a clear picture of how their customers are interacting with their website and marketing channels. GA4 allows hotels to see the full customer journey, from initial discovery to booking, providing a more comprehensive view of the customer experience.

Another advantage of GA4 is the improved tracking of events and conversions. These are now more intuitive to set up and track. With improved conversion tracking and attribution accuracy, hotels can see which marketing channels are driving the most bookings and make more informed decisions about where to invest their marketing budget. This can help hotels optimize their marketing efforts and drive more revenue.

Improved privacy in GA4

In addition to these features, GA4 also offers enhanced privacy controls, allowing hotels to better protect their customers' data. This is especially important for independent hotels, who may not have the resources of larger hotel chains to ensure compliance with data privacy regulations.

Upgrade packages

Starting at £995, we have different options for all hospitality businesses. 

The Essential Set Up is for you if you need to track the engagement levels of your online customers and the success of your website.

The Ecommerce Set Up is for you if you need to track all the essential engagement data as well as all the purchases made through your website's booking engine.

Custom Event Tracking is for you if you need additional parts of your website tracked like specific buttons, forms or other user actions in addition to all the above.


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