Unlock the potential of your hotel website

Monday 24th June, 11:00am

Is your website performing well enough? Unsure on what you can do to increase direct bookings on your website? Your hotel website is one of your most important assets when it comes to driving online sales. You wouldn’t let your property fall into disrepair, so why let your website? Find out how you can leverage your website to drive more online bookings in 2024.

HotelREZ Hotels & Resorts have joined up with Clockwork Marketing to deliver a series of insightful marketing masterclasses to help inform hotel direct booking strategies.

This online marketing masterclass will unpack the essentials needed to deliver an effective hotel website and improve user engagement, leading to higher conversions and more revenue.


What you can expect from this webinar

On this webinar you will learn from Clockwork Marketing and HotelREZ' website experts about:

  • The best offers and packages for hotels
  • Simple and clear calls to action
  • Keeping your content up to date
  • Eye-catching photos to leverage your brand
  • Ensuring an engaging customer journey to cart completion

Capture more bookings direct through your website. Register for this masterclass to understand how to make your website work harder and deliver increased traffic and higher engagement through the customer journey. This webinar is designed for you to make your hotel website more successful and contribute to a strong direct booking strategy.  

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