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Why Choose WebSafe and Evergreen?

In today's fast-paced digital world, it's essential to keep your hotel's website secure, quick, and compliant with the latest legal standards. At Clockwork Marketing, we know the challenges hotels face, and we designed WebSafe and Evergreen to take the hassle out of website management. Let’s ensure your website is always at its best, so you can focus on what you do best—providing exceptional experiences to your guests.

Key Benefits For Your Hotel

1. Always Up-to-Date:

Never worry about your website's system being outdated. WebSafe keeps your site current with the latest features, so you stay ahead of the competition effortlessly.

2. Rock-Solid Security:

Your guests' data is safe with us. WebSafe includes advanced security measures like SSL certificates and constant updates to protect your site from cyber threats. Give your guests peace of mind with every transaction.

3. Legal and Compliant:

Avoid fines and penalties with our easy-to-use cookie and GDPR compliance tools. We make sure your website asks visitors for permission to use cookies, keeping you legally covered.

4. Evergreen Features:

With WebSafe, your website will never fall behind. We continually improve our Content Management System (CMS) and make all new features instantly available to you. This ensures your site remains modern and competitive without any extra effort from your team.

5. Super Speed:

A fast website is crucial for keeping guests happy and improving your search engine rankings. We optimise your site for speed and ensure it loads quickly on all devices. This means more bookings and happier customers.

6. Regular Backups:

Protect your invaluable data with our daily backup service. Your website's content is securely stored and can be restored quickly in case of any issues, ensuring you never miss a beat.

7. Cutting-Edge Tech:

Benefit from state-of-the-art cloud technology powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This robust and reliable infrastructure ensures your website always performs at its best.

8. Automatic Fixes:

Servers can sometimes get slow or unresponsive. With WebSafe, you don't need to worry about this. We replace any problematic servers automatically, ensuring your site runs smoothly around the clock.

9. Handle Busy Times with Ease:

Expecting a surge in website visitors? No problem. Our load balancing technology distributes traffic efficiently across multiple servers, preventing any one server from being overwhelmed. This ensures smooth and reliable access for all your guests, even during peak times.

10. Proactive Monitoring:

We keep an eye on everything, so you don't have to! Our advanced monitoring systems track key performance indicators like CPU usage, memory, disk space, and website uptime. If something goes wrong, we fix it before it affects your guests' experience.

11. Dedicated Support:

Need help? Our expert support team is here for you. We offer full support during office hours and emergency assistance outside of these times. With guaranteed response times, you can rest easy knowing we’ve got your back.


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Whether you're looking for ongoing support to reduce reliance on OTAs like Hoseasons, or to undertake a campaign to boost shoulder season bookings, drive more caravan sales or to leverage trends like sustainability, wellness and luxury, we can help. 

“All in all, Clockwork Marketing gave us confidence and they really did deliver beyond our expectations.”

Graham Bray, Marketing Manager, Searles Leisure Resort

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Jan Pritchard, Director Lakeside Spa Holidays

"A top quality website"

“The team at Clockwork Marketing have created a top quality website to the brief we wanted. Their attentiveness and hospitality expertise has resulted in a custom built integration with our booking engine, Hostaway. This makes a seamless user experience along with a contemporary design to elevate the online presence of our business. This will be key to converting direct bookings. A big thank you to all the Clockwork team!”


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