Marketing the new hospitality experience is challenging

For some prospective guests, the sight of people in masks and overalls deep cleaning the property may be reassuring but others are looking to escape to normality.

While they want reassurance that the accommodation is super clean, they won’t want to be so forcefully reminded of the virus. Beyond marketing, how to balance offering comfort and relaxation with new restrictions and processes in place?

Why a balanced approach is always best

We’ve already seen a number of emails announcing new cleaning regimes with different images communicating preparations from a number of hotels. While the message is definitely, “we are adhering to all new Government guidelines”, we wouldn’t recommend going over-the-top with staff in masks and aprons imagery.

Such images will remind people of hospitals and photos we’ve seen in the media, rather than your beautiful location; where they can escape the news and home lock-down - even if it is just 30 minutes from their home.

Think about reassuring guests with illustrated guides, that might offer a lighter touch while demonstrating deep cleaning and distancing processes, both for digital marketing and in-house.

Road to Recovery

Local audiences will likely be the first guests you will receive - what will they want from your property? Segment your marketing databases to communicate locally and regionally within a 25 mile radius, for example. Social media advertising can also be used in this way.

For those in rural or seaside locations, highlight the open space, fresh air, beaches and walks available to get away from it all to your local audience. For people who have been in home lock-down, any travel to escape their four walls will be welcome. Remember, we often see properties highest-spending customers live less than an hour away.

Above all, balance health and safety or reassurance messaging with the benefits you have always offered and are still able to provide, where appropriate.

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