Marketing through Autumn and Winter

People were already feeling distrustful, disoriented and disconnected due to living in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) World. Coronavirus has accelerated this tenfold, but hospitality businesses can help counter these feelings by offering the following:

Control – Empower people to take control of their lives and holiday but providing detailed information, flexible booking policies and personalised experiences

Comfort – Offer comfort as an antidote to the fear and anxiety many people are experiencing – the peacefulness of surrounding nature, mindful activities and space to relax

Community – As social distancing has disconnected us, we now truly understand the value of community. Welcome people to yours with behind the scenes content and special guest offers.

Beyond thinking about the benefits your hospitality business offers guests to address these three key customer needs, there are a range of short-term tactics you might also consider including:

The Indian Summer

  • Target non-school adults over 55s and under 30s with “Escapes” to the fresh air
  • Don’t forget the October half-term holiday. Those who didn’t go away or have a refund from a foreign holiday will be looking for a break.
  • Promote isolation themed breaks for more remote hotels – get away from it all, walking breaks or spa escapes.


  • If families can’t socialise with others many people will be looking at cottage or hotel breaks together to make Christmas this year more special.
  • Consider a Christmas and New Year break together as a longer get away holiday

We must all take comfort from recent Visit Britain research that says 43% of people intend to take the same number of short breaks they did last year and 38% are confident of taking an Autumn overnight trip, rising to 55% in January.

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