Useful holiday park data

70% of website visitors use a mobile and a massive 55% book stays on their mobile.

78% of bookings are for short breaks—four nights or fewer. To meet this trend, your park needs flexible calendars (like the hotel industry) so guests can book two nights any time of year.

Fewer families are booking, 52% of bookings are now couples or groups, so talk on your website about the benefits to these people in choosing your holiday park. Why not create special breaks for them; for example, romantic getaways.

18% of bookings are taken within seven days of a stay—so ensure it’s easy to book late availability.

35% of bookings are made by millennials. These are people born between 1981-1996 so are 23-39 years old. They have their own nuances and key areas that you can profit from.

Lady's Mile Holiday Park case study

What millennials expect from your park

Holiday snacking and brand promiscuity characterise the way millennials like to book and take their breaks. They are also comfortable with uber-late booking, with 5% booking on the day of arrival. Also, as expected, they are happy using mobile devices (70% book on mobiles!).

Millennials have a long list of tick box requirements, many you may provide, but you need to include these on your website and in your marketing:

  1. Wi-fi
  2. 9 out of 10 rating
  3. Contemporary design
  4. Better than home
  5. Winterisation (nice in the off-season)
  6. Technology – Bluetooth speakers etc
  7. Quirky
  8. Luxurious
  9. Hot tubs
  10. Local experiences available
  11. Instagramable
  12. Hostmanship
  13. Eco-credentials

And for millennials, your brochure is now Instagram, so this must be well managed.

Environment first

Now more than ever we must all think about our global environment. Millennials are leading the way and eco-awareness is becoming a dominant part of their lifestyle choices. As a business, you will be expected to reciprocate this.

Some things to think about:

  • Boxed water or other low plastic initiatives
  • Electric charging points
  • Sustainable luxury – not back to basics
  • Help make green choices – how to recycle locally
  • Discovering nature – where to go, what they can see

Health and wellness for millennials at Holiday Parks

45% of UK adults have a health tracker and veganism is becoming a new normal. This trend is easy to add to your current food offerings. You should also provide active space, which can be low key and is out-doors. For example, carefully signposting one of your existing green spaces. Another opportunity is to provide electric bikes on site. 

Additionally, 48% of millennials want authentic and unique experiences over everything else. Some ideas to consider include, how to take a forest bath or when and where you can have gong therapy.

Boost your holiday park bookings

Value added services

Going the extra mile is well worth it for millennials, creating a wow factor will elevate your holiday park above your competitors. The little extras really add up.


  • Welcome packs with a touch of local produce.
  • Bath robes in rooms
  • Referb grand designing
  • Creating or providing unique experiences (to make their friends jealous) 

Millennials make up a large and growing slice of the holiday park market. Attract them by providing services that both meet and exceed their expectations, ensuring your holiday park is at the top of their list.

At Clockwork we know all about millennials and wellness. Not only this but we know exactly how to use emerging hospitality trends to boost your holiday park bookings all year round.

Give us a call and we’ll have a friendly chat about how we can help.

Boost your holiday park bookings