With our tailored wedding marketing services

Having worked with independent hotels who 'do weddings' for 30 years, we have a wealth of experience as a wedding venue marketing agency. There’s not much we don’t know about wedding marketing. In an increasingly competitive market, we understand that it can be hard work keeping your content and messages fresh and exciting to help you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you're looking for ongoing support for your wedding marketing team, to undertake a campaign to boost wedding bookings for a short period, or simply a fresh pair of eyes to let you know what's going well and what might need some work, we can help in any area of marketing your wedding venue.

Wedding Marketing Audit

A wedding marketing makeover includes:

  • Full audit of current wedding marketing activity
  • Competitor research
  • Tailored recommendations

Cost: from £975 

After price, people buy based on how they are feeling at the time of purchase. Emotionally.

Great brands use design, logos, colour, photography and great copywriting to engage people’s feelings and emotions to make them act.

We can help your hotel or hospitality business stand out with a strong brand that provokes an emotional reaction and speaks directly to your guests.

Wedding Marketing Campaign

Boost your bookings with a targeted wedding campaign includes:

  • Planning: preparation of campaign outline
  • Design: creation of graphics for use across all marketing channels
  • Email: design & send email campaign
  • Social: prepare a suite of social posts
  • Social ads: prepare and action relevant social adverts based on objectives and budget
  • SEO: research, monitor and target 25 keywords to boost search engine rankings
  • Reporting: prepare report to show results

Cost: from £1,975

Ongoing Wedding Marketing

We'll support your wedding marketing team on a monthly basis includes:

  • Planning: preparation of a six-monthly marketing activity calendar
  • Email: design & send one email campaign per month. Can be replaced with a piece of content e.g. blog every other month
  • Social: social media management/ creation of social posts and advert management
  • SEO: research, monitor and target 25 keywords
  • Reporting: prepare monthly report to track success

Set up cost: up to £2,895 Ongoing cost: from £1,575 per month  
+ up to £100/per month budget for social advertising