Three Ways to Boost Your Acquisition Strategy

Today, a guest’s experience of your marketing plays a crucial role in whether they book with you. Because the journey starts at acquiring new customers, it’s important to get your acquisition strategy right.

Current acquisition channels are reaching saturation point. They are becoming overloaded. Remember the scene in which Harry Potter’s Hogwarts invitation lands through the letterbox— a hundred times over? A similar thing happens in the current acquisition landscape every day. People see thousands of marketing messages daily, so all of the marketing competes for their attention. Add to this, GDPR has changed the way businesses use personal data. No wonder it’s getting harder to stand out of the crowd.

What can you do to boost your bookings with an acquisition strategy?

Partially Addressed Mail

Partially Addressed Mail lets you target small groups of carefully selected households. It is a GDPR safe way to reach new guests.

There are a couple of ways of targeting new guests using this method.

‘Topping up’ targets people in postcodes where you already have customers.
‘Lookalikes’ are new postcodes identified as ‘similar to’ those where your guests live. 

Combining the two will give you more significant coverage of potential customers and help to make your campaign successful.

Direct mail

Direct mail is mail sent to a named person. It’s a robust acquisition tool because it opens a one-to-one relationship between your brand and prospective customers. 70% of people said mail made them feel more valued compared to 30% for email.

Personalisation is one of the reasons why Direct mail has a 94% engagement rate, literally placing your brand into a named individual’s hands. 

Did you know?

  • Mail appeals to all ages.
  • Research shows that millennials interact with DM 3.8 times on average. 1
  • 8-24-year-olds and 25-34-year-olds, on average, respond to DM quicker than any other age group.
  • 63% of millennials who react with a piece of mail will purchase within three months.

Door drops

Door drops are a cost-effective way to get leaflets, flyers and brochures into customers’ hands quickly. 

Whether you want to achieve a broad reach across a specific area or across multiple regions, door drops are a targeted way to find the right people on a large scale. They particularly suit marketing new spa/restaurant openings and events.

Research shows that 90% of campaigns that included door drops saw an increase in new customers. Also, 67% of people were prompted to buy after receiving a door drop. So, it’s no surprise that these mailings can add a healthy boost to your sales.

Within the current acquisition landscape, especially post GDPR, marketers need to boost their omnichannel marketing strategies to find , and appeal to, new guests.

Clockwork Marketing can help. We can take your hotel’s data, analyse it, and create highly personalised, thoughtful mailings. Be it a postcard, magazine, letter, or something entirely different. We design mailshots that will stand out from the crowd, delivering increased engagement and exceptional returns.

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Data from Royal Mail Market Research 2019