The Power of Print

The Power of Print

Why Direct Mail and Printed Marketing Materials Still Count

Can “old school” print still hold its own in the 21st Century? Or are the days of brochures, books, menus and other printed literature numbered? The Clockwork team remain convinced that ink will coexist with pixels for many years to come. Hence this month we wanted to make the case for print:  

Print Media vs. Digital Media

With the perceived dominance of digital media, one might forgive our faithful printing companies for sweating a little. Here at Clockwork, the last thing we would do is to deny the reality of the digital world. For those who embrace change, it offers huge advantages in putting powerful, affordable tools in the hands of the many. But this does not mean that more traditional means of marketing simply die out. Far from it in fact; traditional skills evolve too and can still be a key plank of your branding and marketing activities!

So perhaps our main advice would be to use printed marketing materials intelligently to represent your hotel or business at its best. It is a given that most companies will use real paper, card, and ink products more sparingly. However, quality is as important as ever.

In other words, do not fight the digital world, but rather use print alongside it to offer those emotive, high quality touches that digital cannot quite deliver. The digital side is a pretty clear winner, for example, with most news updates, blogs, and booking systems. But when it comes to the “real” user experience, whether it is a new food menu, a guide booklet or brochure of enticing offers, many of your customers will make a much deeper connection with something they can touch, pick up and take away.

What's so special about print?

There are so many ways that print media can still be hugely appealing to the user. If you remain doubtful, just observe how even those living in the smartphone era respond to real, printed matter! Today’s young children still love story and picture books; millennials and younger parents collect everything from comics to cookery books. Meanwhile, generations from pensioners to 80s children still love 'real' print, from classic novels to record covers.

There is very definitely something tactile, emotive and authentic about a real printed item, whether it is a cocktail menu or a beautifully-designed hotel brochure. Perhaps this is the secret of print that many companies now overlook! Well-made leaflets, brochures, booklets and other promotional materials certainly appeal to the senses and speak volumes about your business.


How can print beat the online world? Has there been a backlash against digital media?


Could it be that the tide is turning back towards print? A “backlash” has even been suggested against the many “virtual” forms of online reality. A bounce back for real books against Kindle editions is just one example here. What such trends prove is that human beings still value authentic, non-virtual things. So how can businesses make the most of print?

One of the best print marketing tips for hotels would be to give direct mail campaigns a try. While many companies go fully digital, these remain a huge success for Clockwork’s clients year on year. Why is this? Well, for one thing, a beautifully produced brochure is like a breath of fresh air. It is almost a novelty today to receive something nicely made too, especially when we are bombarded with so many junk emails!



Whatever the reality, our success rates show that direct mail clearly works! Not that this is “old” technology necessarily. In fact, our digital team can work wonders with digital data to figure out the who, where and when of targeting customers effectively.

Design and Printing in Devon: Intelligent Marketing Solutions for your Business


No matter how digital the world becomes, real print retains a unique appeal that can say so much about your business. Whether it is the look of beautiful design, the feel of quality paper, or even the smell of fresh ink, there is something magical at work.

Why not speak to our team to learn more about how we can help your business this year? We would be delighted to discuss your aims and ideas for 2020, whether it is creating outstanding company literature, the best restaurant menu for your hotel, or a successful direct mailing campaign.

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