Getting better engagement on Instagram with User Generated Content (UGC)

There are many ways to boost your social media engagement. Hotels and holiday parks can take advantage of these simple methods to engage existing followers and build loyalty. User Generated Content (UGC) for example, is unsolicited content that people post about your business that can be easily searched and used (with permissions) to build strong engagement.

Social media feed on your website

You can pick the best of your business' UGC posts and use a feed to add them to your website. A simple website feature can pull social content from Instagram or other social channels onto your website enabling you to show an impressive range of beautiful images and comments about your business. The posts act like mini testimonials – with independent people sharing their happy memories of shared experiences. Plus, you can moderate any UGC posts you don't wish to display.

Washingborough Hall Hotel website social feed

Reposting User Generated Content

You can also re-post UGC with the content owner’s permission. This is a great way to get some new and strong imagery without needing a photographer and provide an independent view on your property.

First find good UGC posts:

1.    Tagged posts

On Instagram, on your page e.g. Glass House Retreat, review the posts that have you tagged in with a simple search by clicking the "tagged" option under your saved Stories. 

Glass House Retreat tagged Instagram posts


2.   Location tagged posts

Search for recent location posts tagged 'at' your property e.g. Glass House Retreat, by visiting Instagram search and choosing the "places" option.

Glass House Retreat location Instagram posts


3.    #hashtagged posts

Search for (and follow) brand hashtags like #glasshouseretreat by choosing the #hashtag option in the Instagram search categories.

Glass House Retreat hashtagged Instagram posts

When you have found the posts you like, send the person who has posted a Direct Message (DM), this only works on mobile app, with an accompanying message asking if you can post the image and credit them, and to confirm this by replying 'yes' if they agree.

“Hi, I love your beautiful post of our property. Would you let us use your image and credit you on our Instagram channel? If so, can you reply with ‘yes’.”

They usually do, then thank them and save the image/s. It's possible to save the images with the owner's Instagram handle in the name so you remember to credit them when you post it.

Saving an Instagram image post

Once you have permission to use someone's content, you can save their images in a few seconds. This video shows you how.

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