A slice of joy: Clockwork's Tasty Day at Poco Pizza in Lyme Regis

We love team days. They are great opportunity for us to relax and get to know each other better outside the office. But also, we get to experience the fantastic hospitality on our doorstep.

This time round we thought we’d explore
culinary delights from Italy!

An Italian Icon

Italy is known for a wide range of things, encompassing its rich history, culture, cuisine, fashion, art, architecture, and natural beauty. But there was one thing on our mind. PIZZA!

That’s right, a Geometer’s gastro perfection. There are many thoughts on where the word pizza originates from, some think pizza could be an alternative of the Greek word “pitta” which means pie, which is reminiscent of Dean Martin’s song “That’s Amore”.  Others think the word pizza could be an old Italian word meaning “a point”, which could also be considered as “pizzicare” in modern Italian which is to pinch or pluck.

Whatever the origin is, we’ve all come to know this delicious Italian classic and we know the best place to make it in Lyme Regis.

Stairway to Pizza Heaven

Lyme Regis is a picturesque coastal town in Dorset, known for it’s stunning Jurassic Coastline which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lyme has a captivating charm and breathtaking vistas of cliffs and pebble beaches, paired with its vibrant boutique shops and delectable restaurants, it is a treasure-trove for anyone visiting Dorset. 

Lucky for us Dorset is nearby Devon, so a short road trip with a team breakfast at the Grazing Cow saw us at Lyme Regis by 11:30am where the team at Poco Pizza were ready to welcome us.

If you want an authentic Italian pizza in Lyme Regis, then Poco Pizza is the place to be. Brilliantly located on the beach front, with sea-views and a great alfresco vibe on the terrace, Poco is a welcoming Pizza Restaurant that uses the best authentic ingredients, sourced thoughtfully, and served with genuine passion.

Where the flames meet flavour

First, we started on the terrace with a board of delicious Italian snacks and treats to give us just a brief taster of the sorts of ingredients and flavours unique to Italy. We then split into three groups so we could rotate through a series of Italian food and drink making activities.

Those who started on Pizza making we lead by Master pizza-maker Matt, who had prepared a batch of dough early in the morning just for us. Thanks Matt, you’re a legend!

At Poco they make Roman Pizza’s. This is one of two popular pizza types, the other being Neapolitan Pizza. Roman Pizza is thinner and has a crispy crust, whereas Neapolitan has a thicker and chewier crust. This means Roman Pizza’s cook very quick and the emphasis is on the toppings. 

We each got our dough and rolled this out to make as close to a circle as we could, some admittedly better than others, and then added our toppings from a delicious selection of Italian ingredients. Once ready, Matt took us through the technique to fire our Pizza’s in the oven and within 2 minutes… Buon appetito, pizza is served.

Sippin' Spritz Cocktails

Meanwhile another group were with Jason making Spitz’s. A spritz is an Italian wine-based cocktail and very refreshing in the Summer sun.

We had a great selection of Italian digestive bitters, prosecco or non-alcoholic “no-secco” and locally sourced soda or still water. One of the fantastic things Poco Pizza prides itself on is the combination of authentic Italian ingredients combined with hyper-local ingredients, so you can guarantee you are served the best authentic Italian experience but also support local businesses too.

One of the clear winners of the day was the Aperol Spritz, known for its iconic orange hue, a few had some of their own concoctions, but safe to say it was an enjoyable activity. Cin cin!  

From dough to dolce

The third activity was all about dessert. The Italians love their dessert, from panna cotta to panforte, or gelato to cannoli, the choices are endless. As we’re a team of enthusiastic coffee lovers, it goes without saying that Tiramisu would make the ultimate finale for our taste of Italy. 

Lyn showed us how to make her mouthwatering Tiramisu, which started off with mixing half a cafetiere of coffee with a little sugar and the secret sauce, Marsala, a delicious sweet fortified wine from Sicily. We then separated egg whites and yolks, then whisked the egg whites. We then whisked in a separate bowl the egg yolk with 4 tablespoons of sugar and then folded in 500g of mascarpone cheese. Once smooth we then added in the egg whites to create a light and creamy mixture. 

We took breaded sponge fingers and broke these into good sizes to layer our glasses. Each sponge finger was dipped into the coffee mix and then layered with the cream mixture using a piping bag and then chilled in the fridge for 3-4 hours before being dusted with cocoa powder. Absolutely delicious! 

Thanks Poco, you really delivered

We had such a fantastic time together in Lyme Regis and such a big thank you to the team at Poco Pizza, they spoiled us! If you’re in Lyme and you’re looking for a delicious pizzeria, then Poco is the place to be and you’ll definitely have a great time, we certainly did!