Clockwork Marketing launches new brand

To continue to be one of the best hotel and hospitality marketing companies in the UK, we have to keep moving.

While we spend a lot of our time advising hotels and hospitality businesses on how to boost bookings, like a builder and his own home, often our own marketing is overlooked in favour of our clients’.

This year we’ve done some navel-gazing, a marketing workshop on ourselves and applied our own rigorous research, processes and thinking to our new vision for the company.

  • We want to continue to grow and maintain our reputation as one of the best hospitality marketing agencies in the UK with the most experience (+25 years), data insight and digital marketing expertise
  • Continue to build great, long term, client relationships
  • Produce innovative work we are proud of while remaining true to our values
  • Provide a creative and supportive environment for our employees

We’ve also thought about what the real benefits are we offer our clients.

  • As creative thinkers, problem solvers, doers; mentors, we are above all trusted marketing guides.
  • We explore and think carefully about the latest tourism trends, hospitality insights, and digital marketing best practices, finding and testing what works best.
  • We understand what it takes to run a hospitality business as many of us have worked in the sector.
  • We boost our clients’ bookings through our marketing services but also offer all-encompassing consultancy services.
  • Most of all, we save tourism businesses time and give peace of mind that your marketing is in safe hands.
  • With the above in mind, we are delighted to launch our new brand, logo and look for Clockwork.

Our new logo…what does it mean?

We are very proud of our new logo and the meaning behind it. It’s a bit different to anything else we’ve seen.

Clockwork logo meaning

The zodiac symbol ‘Cancer’ takes centre stage. Made up of five stars its design mirrors star quality within the tourism industry and Clockwork’s birthday month, July, under the zodiac sign Cancer.

The circle and stars surrounding the zodiac symbol represent time and movement – continuously in motion and never standing still with our thirst for knowledge and passion for technology.

Est. 1992 signifies Clockwork’s quarter of a century experience in hotel and hospitality marketing. Like a Swiss clock, experience means quality and longevity. A safe pair of hands. Your trusted marketing guide.  

As one of the most experienced hospitality marketing agencies in the country we believe this new focus and vision will help us on our way to our next 25 years in business. We hope you’ll join us on the adventure.