Clockwork Make a Splash on Wednesday Morning

Nestled along the picturesque coastline of South Devon are many tranquil coves with azure waters and quiet beaches, the perfect place to start a Wednesday morning. 

Wednesday is metaphorically referred to as "hump day" because it marks the midpoint of the working week in the UK. It is a lighthearted way to acknowledge that the first half (or hardest part) of the week is over and the weekend is within reach. It can be a good motivator to push through with positivity for the remaining days of the workweek.

An energising start to the day

For Clockwork, we decided to have our own celebration and motivation for Wednesday, by enjoying a communal paddle boarding session at Ness Cove beach in Shaldon.

After a spectacular few weeks of blazing weather, there is no better way to refresh and cool down than in the sea at 7am in the morning. Although you might think it would be chilly, we likened it to the warm temperature of the Med - glorious!

Some of us stayed on the beach to fish for bass and wrasse (the rhyme was not intentional), while local 'Sammy' the Seal was lingering about for breakfast.

Fresh and ready

After enjoying a relaxing hour floating on the serene waters, we headed back to the shore where a few of us dived into the sea for a swim. 

All credit goes to Alice for suggesting our midweek morning activity, I think we're all now ready to ride the waves of Wednesday into the weekend.