Black Friday: top tips to running a successful online campaign

Research shows that of UK consumers intending to take advantage of the Black Friday sales this year, 77% expect to purchase their bargains online, compared to 17% in-store. And with many consumers (57%, in fact) holding off on making purchases in anticipation of bagging a bargain on 24th November, it’s a prime opportunity to boost your online sales! To help you cash in on Black Friday, we’ve put together our top tips for running a successful online campaign.

It’s more than just one day.

It’s essential, in order to maximise reach and sales, to start promoting the fact that you’ll be offering some spectacular bargains, in advance of the day itself. Put out some teasers on social media, ask people to sign up to a dedicated VIP email list or add a countdown to your website. Don’t be afraid to extend the deal for another day to reap more rewards: ‘due to overwhelming demand, we’ve extended our sale for another 24 hours!’

Tip: Be careful not to give away too much too soon and lose your captive audience on the day itself!

The simpler, the better.

If you’re giving people a limited time to take up an offer, particularly for something high value and time sensitive, such as a hotel break, then you need to make your offering as simple, clear and easy to purchase as possible. If it’s complicated, shoppers will be quick to go elsewhere.

Tip: Simple offers, clear call-to-actions and an easy route to checkout = happy shoppers!

Harness the power of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).

Make it clear to shoppers that this is a one-time only deal, a one-off price never to be repeated. If they think that they’ll be missing out then they’re more likely to make an impulse buy.

Tip: Offer an extra perk e.g. a free gift, entry into a giveaway in order to seal the deal!

Instil a sense of urgency

Phrases like ‘Hurry!’, ‘Be quick’ ‘Almost sold out’ will encourage quick action from your audience. Be clear about the offer end time and remind people when time is running out.

Tip: You can create ‘offers’ on your Facebook business page. Add an end date and Facebook automatically sends notifications and email reminders to anyone who has clicked to save the offer.

Boost your Black Friday sales

With a little forward planning and expertise, our clients know from experience the excellent sales that can be generated on Black Friday. For this reason, we’ve created a promotional package tailor-made to help businesses sell more gift vouchers on Black Friday.

Boost your Black Friday sales