Andrew Brownsword Hotels have 13 properties in country and urban locations. Each is a diverse space embodying an ethos of great hospitality. Their collection includes nine iconic hotels such as the award-winning Gidleigh Park in rural Devon and 900-year-old Amberley Castle in West Sussex. The Andrew Brownsword Abode hotels are individualistic city centre properties offering a more contemporary experience.

What we did

Clockwork built new websites across the Brownsword group, creating a unique style for the distinct brands and an impactful website for each property. We also put in place our comprehensive content management system, giving close control to the marketing team and properties alike. A key point in the process was setting up e-commerce tracking with several booking engines, providing real-time data analysis on all stages of the online booking process


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Client Testimonial

"Clockwork have been fantastic"

" Clockwork have been fantastic at tailoring the CMS for our needs which actually evolved with the project beyond the initial brief. Their experience with hotel website design and build really helped with understanding the many different commercial facets. " 

Ben Parkinson Digital Marketing Manager, Brownsword 

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