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Social engagement is up 330%

A crisis is often said to bring out the best (or worse) in people. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are being used as they were originally designed, as communication platforms to bring people together, building communities of interest and support.

Social distancing has helped people realise how important community is and when we need it most. From Clap for Carers to Captain Tom’s astounding fund-raising, community campaigns have been fuelled by people at home using social media more than ever.

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Social media engagement rates at 2020 high

In the past, a rule of thumb for businesses was that 80% of content shared on social should be user-generated, entertaining or informative and only 20% product or sales-based. Pre-coronavirus this figure had probably flipped.

Hospitality businesses in particular have been forced to not promote travel and drive bookings, the most savvy have engaged with what their followers’ needs and wants are in the current home-based situation.

Health and wellbeing guides, home exercise live-streaming, restaurant recipes, virtual postcards and well-researched blogs have all been branded and shared via social, providing quality content that people want, resulting in higher than normal engagement rates and strengthening brand loyalty.

Brands aren’t posting as frequently which has also helped the 2020 high for social media engagement rates.

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Branded content campaigns

We can research, design and develop branded content campaigns to help strengthen your brand loyalty for post-coronavirus bookings. Those companies that build social loyalty now will reap the benefits once hospitality businesses are allowed to open again..


  • Social media research and listening
  • Social strategy development
  • Campaign research and planning
  • Artwork design and copy writing
  • Campaign execution and monitoring
  • Reporting and evaluation
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Contact us to discuss your social media content and online objectives and we can develop a branded campaign to boost follower engagement, build brand loyalty and drive people to your website.

More engaged social media followers will mean more receptive customers to promotions and offers for booking once we return to business.

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