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90% of Google Analytics accounts are set-up wrong

Having great marketing as we emerge from the coronavirus crisis is one piece of the puzzle but measuring and monitoring marketing activity is vital. How do you know what is working if you cannot measure it? Google Analytics is a free tool that gives great insight into how well your marketing, website and booking engine is performing

Whenever we take on a new client, the first job we do is to configure Google Analytics correctly. It is impossible to do our work without insight on how our marketing and website is performing. In 9 out of 10 cases, Google Analytics has not been set up to the standard we require when we take on a new client.

GA Setup

5 Common Google Analytics issues

  1. Ecommerce tracking not set up (so you cannot see which marketing channels are driving revenue)
  2. Goals not set up (so you cannot see which marketing channels are driving other actions like menu downloads)
  3. Filters not set up (so you cannot be confident that spam data is excluded)
  4. Google Tag Manager not set up (so you cannot add additional code)
  5. Events not set up (so you cannot measure user actions on the website like clicking the "book now" button)
GA Setup

A Google Analytics set-up will:

  • Understand your website objectives and what data is important to your business
  • Define a tracking matrix that considers best practice as well as your bespoke needs
  • Analyse your current implementation and make strategic recommendations
  • Implement the recommendations to ensure that data is being collected as required
  • Create any advanced filters needed to tidy up your data
  • Review advanced features and advise on their best use for your organisation such as: Events, goals and funnels, Site search, Ecommerce tracking, Advanced segments
  • Provide a report of all the changes made and how to find the data.

Future thinking...

Once Google Analytics has collected 3 months' worth of data you can use it to gain insights into:

How well your marketing is performing
How well your website is performing

How well your booking engine is performing.

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