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Email open rates up to 54%. CTR up to 15%

During lockdown we have seen email open rates for our hospitality clients increase from an average of 25% up to an average of 54%. Click through rates, typically around 2%-5% have regularly been 10%-15%, showing that engagement with email communications is up significantly since before the outbreak.

While lots of people have more time on their hands and will potentially read emails, you still need excellent content. Short and snappy is better, at the time being there's no harm in going for a longer form email template (so long as you're filling it with inspiring imagery and helpful tips - blocks of wordy content will always be a turn off when it comes to email).

Email Campaign

Stay Connected

Your guests will value the time you have taken to stay connected. These communications will strengthen your brand, and when things go back to normal, you will be first and foremost in their mind.

Top performing email content:

  • Little book of…activity packs for adults
  • Long-form blog content…genuinely good reads full of interesting content
  • Prize draws…for those dreaming of something to look-forward to...
Email Campaign

This is a full-service email send

We can design, write and manage an email send on your behalf, to up to 10,000 of your loyal guests and subscribers. Prices available for larger sends.


  • Data handling
  • Design
  • Copywriting
  • Scheduling
  • Sending
  • Reporting
Future thinking...

Creative Content

Your email will need great, standout, engaging content. If you need assistance with content creation to include within your email campaign, we can assist with the following...

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