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Unlock the revenue from your data

Booking systems and your PMS hold a wealth of information, and yet very few properties spend much time drilling into them and even fewer make money from it.

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Generate £1000s from targeted mailings

When we look at the data held in hospitality databases, we can identify a wide variety of insights, trends, and target data sets, for example:

  • Who used to stay regularly, but hasn't in the last year/winter/whatever
  • Who are the top visiting/spending customers?
  • What is the typical travel time of guests?
  • What is the geographic spread of clients?
  • How much income is attributed to each marketing source?
  • Who are the 'local tourists'? We often see properties highest-spending customers live less than an hour away.
  • How many records have email addresses – and are you keeping in touch with those who don't?
GA Setup

Guest database audit:

We can extract your data remotely and process it. Once completed, you will receive:

  • Summary report of the trends for your data
  • Target lists of
  • Your regular customers who have lapsed
  • Your top customers
  • Your local tourists

These insights can be used for marketing planning, reducing your marketing spend on advertising and marketing campaigns.

Future thinking...

Send a postcard to 5,000 past guests - £3,500

A great way to use your data is to undertake a direct mail campaign to past guests – a quality postcard, for example, to invite them back. We can conduct the entire campaign for you

Identify the best prospects in your database
Create a stunning creative postcard design
Handle the print and post

Why bother? The last one we undertook for a client-generated £28,000 when mailing 7,000 past clients.

Direct Mail – nowadays its pretty novel getting the post, it stays around and stands out in a crowded digital market.

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