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How to Be Socially Brilliant...

With 78% of consumers trusting peers recommendations, it’s not so much what we say about our ourselves anymore, but what others say about us. Your guests are active on social media, discussing their experiences, sharing photos and writing reviews so you need to be too...

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Here are our top tips for running a successful and engaging social media platform:

1. Less is more

Don’t over post and choose quality over quantity; you’re more likely to get more engagement if you post genuinely valuable content. Post too often and you risk either becoming invisible to your followers, or simply annoying them.

2. Natural posting

Don’t oversell; simple, in-the-moment posts will achieve higher engagement

3. Use the tools available

Facebook incorporates a number of tools that you can use to keep your posts varied and engaging, including slideshows and canvas, an interactive post designed for mobile, which allows you to tell a story to your followers

4. Social advertising... a must. Especially if you’re looking to drive more engagements and booking conversions. Facebook allows you to be very targeted in your approach and offers a variety of different advertising options including boosted posts, lead generation, lookalike audiences and retargeting.

5. Verify your Facebook page

It takes mere seconds to obtain that little grey tick on your business page and a recent study shows that reach increases by 180% and engagement by 34%.

6. It’s not what we say about ourselves ... 

User generated content is far more powerful than anything we say about ourselves. Encourage users to engage with your page; ask questions, invite photo and experience sharing.

As with the digital marketing world as a whole, the world of social media is ever-changing and developing.

Top Social trends for 2017

Our Head of Digital, Ian Kelly, has identified these top trends:

1. Move over Twitter

We're seeing a shift from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to the new kids on the block; Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat.

2. Live Streaming

Video content is increasingly popular, but with the introduction of Facebook Live, Twitter Periscope and YouTube live, the way we use it is changing.

3. Best before... 

We're beginning to see a rise in social content that expires, for example Snapchat stories and Instagram stories where content is displayed for 24 hours before disappearing.

4. Call to Actions

‘Buy it now’ buttons and other call to actions will be more prevalent.

5. Less organic

Organic reach of social posts is diminishing as providers want to make more money from social advertising.

6. Social budgeting 

It is now essential to include social spend in your marketing budget if you want to drive brand awareness and conversions.

7. Bots... 

The way we interact with our customers is changing with the introduction of chatbots and AI (Artificial Intelligence) e.g. Facebook Messenger for business (

8. Tailored to you

Expect to see more personalisation in your news feeds as marketers use information gathered to be increasingly targeted in campaigns.

9. App-style 

As we rely more and more on mobile, expect to see more app-style functionaility.

We are social...

Brands are beginning to tap into the power of user generated content to enhance their marketing by incorporating social walls and repurposing their customer’s imagery.

The world of social media can seem like a noisy and time-consuming place. Social Brilliance allows you to manage all of your platforms in one place; a social hub on your website houses any user generated content that you approve for your customers to see, creating a gallery of memories which builds a very powerful and trustworthy insight into what it is like to stay with you.
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What is it and what can it do?

  • Captures user generated content via hashtags, usernames or handles

  • Moderate what appears in the social hub on your website

  • Run social campaigns and competitions

  • Create a powerful bank of imagery to enhance your brand

  • Access detailed author cards -  see who is engaging

  • Social listening – see what people are saying about you

Visit our very own social hub and call us on 01803 872999 to find out more about Social Brilliance and our digital services.


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