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Top Benefits of Google Beacons for Hotels & Hospitality

Providing a better experience for the digitally savvy, with little effort and low energy.

common website problems

Top 10 Most Common Website Problems and Solutions

Is your website an attractive storefront for your business, or a bit of a mess? Does it sing your praises, or is it more like a drunk in a karaoke bar, spluttering and stalling for a bit, before falling over? 


Google Analytics for Audience Insight & Profiling

For anyone new to Google Analytics, or confused by the concept of profiling guests, Clockwork Marketing’s data expert Pete Stevens has some excellent tips to share. 

Google Analytics Realtime

Best Practice Google Analytics for Hotels

Are you looking to use Google Analytics to boost your hotel or hospitality business? Clockwork Marketing’s Pete Stevens provides some handy tips and performance indicators to help you utilise digital tools to your advantage.


Marketing through Autumn and Winter

People were already feeling distrustful, disoriented and disconnected due to living in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) World. Coronavirus has accelerated this tenfold, but hospitality businesses can help counter these feelings with the right offerings.


UK Travel and Consumer Insight During Coronavirus

How are UK travellers planning and booking domestic trips for Autumn and Winter 2020/21?

New research from Visit England and BVA BDRC reveals the latest trends. 

As we move into late autumn, the Great British weather is cooling and so is ‘staycation’ fever. More people   are looking for late availability breaks to visit family and friends or to enjoy ‘little bits of luxury’. Come the new year, we expect an upturn in families looking to book UK staycations for the school and summer holidays.